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Tess of Kilsyth by R.A. Redmond Published: December, 2010 Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W) Pages: 224 Size: 6x9 ISBN: 9781450272094 Price: $18.95
Overview of Tess of Kilsyth Tess, a middle child, and the only one born in Kilsyth, Ontario, Canada, tells her story with candor, humor, and tenderness. In 1917, her widowed Mother forged the strong bond by which Tess and her family lived, when she stood up to her own parents and also the Canadian Court System in order to keep and raise her children. Tess remained a constant part of the hard work, determination and deep faith that carried the family and kept them together. Then, at seventeen, her life took a dramatic turn when the world wide depression struck in 1929 and the decision was made that the family must leave Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and move to Detroit, Michigan in the United States, where they hoped job opportunities would be better.
Each Changing Place A Story of Detroit, Michigan During World War Two by R.A. Redmond Published: August 2016 Format: Perfect Bound Softcover (B/W) Pages: 110 Size: 6x9 ISBN: 978-1-53200-180-2 Price: $13.99 Also available by calling: 1-800-288-4677, or by ordering from:, or through bookstores such as Barnes & Noble
Overview of Each Changing Place A Story of Detroit, Michigan During World War Two  This is a work of fiction inspired by what people experienced. During the Second World War, American men are away fighting, and horrendous battle casualties are reported every day. The war years are stressful and depressing for everyone as the cruel fighting continues on and on. The Maxwell family in Detroit, Michigan, experience a Christmas of both excitement and tragedy. They hope for a respite from the war and extend invitations to two Royal Air Force navigators training in nearby Ontario, Canada, to join them for Christmas in 1943. The young Englishmen are polite and appreciative, and they accept with enthusiasm. All is well until one of them soon begins a torrid love affair with the Maxwells' restless married sister-in-law. Things go from bad to worse when more serious trouble follows. The Englishmen return to fighting the war in Europe, leaving memories and heartbreak behind. What follows is startling as the sorrow of a doomed wartime romance lingers for lifetimes afterward. The lives of everyone involved are forever changed in many ways in each changing place.

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