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Islands of Mak-Naw Islands of Mak-Naw ISBN-13: 978-1-55404-442-9 Publisher Name: Double Dragon Publishing Date Released: April 2007 Book Format: eBook, Softcover In this tale a young female reporter goes from Earth to the colony on the Planet Erda to get the best news story ever. But she unexpectedly encounters a very mysterious tall dark handsome male, with a terrible secret. Together they learn to love, live, and survive. Kwips and Critiques Review Rating: 4 Klovers (out of 5) A young woman reporter from Earth is in search of a story. Following a tip that an infamous musician is still alive, she ends up on the planet of Er-Da on an island with a very grumpy alien male. Her nose for news senses that he has a secret, but just what is it? And how will either of them handle it when the attraction between them starts sizzling? ISLAND OF MAK-NAW is a splendid blend of romance and intrigue. I loved the passion that ignites between the Er-Dan male and the Earth female. He is a mysterious figure and it takes a woman like her to unwrap the layers he has hidden himself under. The pages crackle with the tension between these two strong-willed characters and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! Unfortunately, there were times when the humanoid male seemed a bit too strong-willed for my liking. His constant mistrust of her and his abusive language towards her made me want to reach in the book and knock some sense into him. I know she is a reporter, but the trust issues remained. She bared her very soul to him in a heart wrenching scene and my heart ached for her when the two alien males later called her crude names. Also, she certainly shows that she has the right to be respected for her mind and not just her physical attributes, and I wish this had been highlighted a little sooner in the story. Jeffrey Redmond definitely knows how to write a story with a twist! The conclusion is sheer genius as the heroine's intellect is showcased to full potential. ISLAND OF MAK-NAW is an entertaining story and one that will keep the reader glued to the pages, anxiously waiting to see just how it will all end. Reviewed By: Anne    Email:  
ENCHANTING REVIEWS, December 2007 Rating: 5 Enchantments (out of 5) In a distant future Katarina is a top news reporter on earth. With a nose for sniffing out stories and leads, she sets out to follow a tip stating that a famous singer who mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier has been spotted somewhere on another planet. Armed with her spirit and grit, Katarina is determined to follow this lead. The alien man she finds however is not the singer she was looking for. This one is a tall, darkly handsome stranger who lives the life of a hermit on a small island, cut off from everything and everyone. He goes by the name of Bersten. Katarina can sense there is more to him than he wants her to believe. Her desire to uncover a story lying dormant makes her intrude into his planet, his island, his cabin, and finally, his life. Bersten is not thrilled to have this nosy busybody from earth in his secret surroundings. She is intruding, but more so, he doesn’t want her around because he carries a terrible secret which could harm the entire galaxy. But then Katarina slowly steps into his alien heart, and he can no longer hide. By this time though, others have come to know of his existence, and they need to be on the run from the evil Imperium agencies. Hopes are dashed for their blooming love. But can Katarina and Bersten join hands together to stave off this hunting? Can their love be strong enough to overcome it all? "The Islands of Mak-Naw" lives up to its hype. Suspenseful adventure is wafted through every sentence of the story. But here is where the author achieved his feat –– the mystery surrounding the reclusive hero in no way overshadows the character he is, nor does it prevent the heroine from having her own spotlight. The romance between them is captured in almost heart-melting detail –– how can the reader not root for them? The writing flows from the first page itself, so much so that you find yourself sucked into the story and into the alien world the characters inhabit. For a book where most of the action takes place between two people in a closed-confines setting, the read is never stifling nor claustrophobic. Prepare to be swept literally to another world, or to state it better, to "The Islands of Mak-Naw." Zee
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