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Garden of Darkness Garden of Darkness ISBN: Publisher Name: Date Released: Book Format: On the distant planet of Erda, in a distant future of uncertainty, a dark and evil alien force haunts the space colony’s hotel. Travelers to there think they will be able to enjoy a nice stay in the luxury suites, only to be horrified beyond all belief. More and more bodies of murdered Earthlings - especially children - are being found. And a garden of paradise is exactly the opposite: a garden of death! But there is no known entity found to be behind these mysterious killings. An elite unit of investigators is hastily put together, from all parts of the galaxy. Foremost among them are a special male and female team, with yet to be discovered psychic and ESP abilities. But what are the ranges and limitations of their secret talents? And will the authorities of the all powerful Imperium even officially acknowledge their findings? It is accepted that uses such as clairvoyant and telepathic powers can help solve murders. But these are for the living, and not for the dead. Plus psychics from Earth are used to investigating others of their own kind. How would these special abilities work with aliens? And most importantly, what if the alien isn’t even an actual living being at all? This exciting tale combines the future of science fiction with the paranormal, the abnormal, and the unbelievable. It is an endless experience of suspenseful thrills, interrupted by too many terrible chills. The psychology of detectives interrogating suspects, and the uses of DNA and other futuristic methods are well included. But it is still old-fashioned police work, slow and methodical, that could provide any real results in the end. Their findings unfold to become quite a surprise conclusion for all of the participants involved. And the male-female psychic team especially gets an unexpected shock, and when they least expect it. They must somehow first fight their own fears, if they are ever to match the dark terror. And they must first find it, if they are ever to fight it. That is if it truly exists beyond mere imagination. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and the fiction presented here will definitely come true..... if it hasn’t done so already.
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science fiction fantasy author Jeffrey Redmond science fiction fantasy author Jeffrey Redmond