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Author Lisana Gabriella Lisa Gabriella was born in Copenhagen Denmark, and went to college in Rome Italy. Her mother is Danish and her father is Italian. She has a degree in graphic arts from the Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie in Roma. Lisa has traveled widely, and speaks several languages fluently. She enjoys being creative with doing art projects, and writing romance fantasy novels, in her spare time. Some of her published works in English can also be seen at her website: and Books by Lisana Gabriella available from Midnight Showcase
Author Ann-Marie Desiree
All Ann-Marie Desiree's books are available from the Whiskey Creek Press.
Ann-Marie Desiree
Lisana Gabriella’s Latest Book: Alien Isles In Alien Isles we travel to a distant time and place, a far-off planet of unknown dangers. Trina is a feisty young journalist who travels from Earth on a news assignment. She suddenly encounters Barnur, an awesomely tall, dark, and powerful alien humanoid male who is way beyond her wildest imagination. He is a scientist who lives in self-imposed isolation, and has a terrible secret involving sinister forces way beyond anyone’s control! Despite his rough and gruff appearances, Trina desires him passionately. However, his research project could destroy the entire planet if discovered, and there is an evil governmental agency hunting him for this. To prevent their capture, and even possible death, she must get them both working together. They must do everything imaginable, and unimaginable, to escape and survive. Their truth, dedication, and loyalty can see them through, but only if they remain a part of each other, forever. Will this unique and different intergalactic kind of love triumph in the end? Available from:
Lisana Gabriella
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